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Blue Knights - New York V


The Blue Knights of New York CHAPTER V

Monthly News for November 2005

President Bill Haylett
Vice President Gary Hubert
Treasurer Mike Rickard
Secretary John Lombardo

This Months Meeting place

This months meeting was held at the Fieldstone Country Inn on S. Transit Road in Lockport. The meeting commenced at 7:20PM.

Secretarys Report

Secretarys report was accepted as read, Jack Fell and Joe Gramaglia first and seconded the motion to accept. This will be my last newsletter to the club and I will no longer be your secretary as of January 1, 2006. There will be no meeting in December, so the new secretary, Dan Johnston will be taking over. My reasons for stepping down are many and varied. Some time over a beer, maybe well talk..thank you for Allowing me the privilege of holding this office for almost 5 years.

Treasurers Report
Mike Rickard is out of town, but gave the president our financial report. President Haylett read the report to the members present.
If you need clarification or more info please contact Mike Rickard directly. Motion to accept as read by Danny Williams and Dom Carine.

Old Business

The membership present voted to attend the Comix Café on January 7th to see Charlie Weener perform. If you are interested in attending, the dinner will be at 7Pm and the show will be at 8PM. The cost is 20.00 per person and all funds must be in the hands of Gary Hubert by the 15th of December. Also you may pay Gary at the Christmas party.

WE have 2 volunteers to be on our advertising committee. Hopefully this will bring in a larger attendance at our rides next year.

The Fall foliage Run was a bust due to really crappy weather

George Kaufmann is looking into prices on a new BK tent and will let us know the cost as soon as possible.

Joe Gramaglia reported on Mike Niezgodas welcome home party. It was well attended according to Joe. Mike will soon be the recipient of not one, but two Purple Hearts. Joe G gave Mikes mom a check from the club.

Danny Williams is looking for anyone interested in attending A Christmas Story at the studio arena on December 18th. If you want to go, please contact Danny Williams as soon as possible.

The club, specifically president Haylett, passed around the plaque made up for Anthony Wills. It was given to Tony Delaney who will give it to Anthonys wife. A check is also being cut for Anthonys family and will be presented as soon as the treasurer is back in town.

Our annual FREE Xmas party for ALL members will be held on Dec 3rd, 2005. The party will be held at The Eagles Club on Broadway in the town of Depew. You MUST send BILL Haylett a check for 40.00 a couple and if you show up, you will get the check back if you show up. If you dont show up and you sent in a check, it will be cashed. This is the only way we can assure an accurate head count. If you bring a NON-MEMBER guest, the cost for that guest is 25.00. The Be-Bops will be playing at the Xmas Party. Cocktails start at 6PM, dinner at 730PM.
There will be NO gift exchange this year,instead we will be swapping wives. (THIS IS A TEST TO SEE IF ANYONE ACTUALLY READS THE NEWSLETTER)

New Business

Your yearly Dues to the Club are now due!!!!!!! Please cut a check for $34.00 and send ASAP to Mike Rickard at 51 Steiner Avenue, West Seneca, NY 14224. Deadline is the end of December but PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!!!

We have a new member, Mike Nash, Town of Niagara PD. Welcome Mike to New York 5!
Ontario 4 and 5 will be having a joint Xmas party on November 19th, 2005. If you are interested in going, please contact president Bill Haylett. The cost is 40.00 a couple. You can also call Cathy Loncher for info.

If you havent turned in your Lottery tickets yet,you are LATE. Please send them to Mike Rickards address as soon as possible. If any tickets you sold turn out to be winners, advise the winner that checks will be cut starting on the 15th of November when the treasurer gets back in town.

New application forms are now in use and if you have any of the old ones, please discard. The presidents of all chapters must now verify that the applicant is in fact a police officer, with a photocopy of your badge and ID upon application.

In 2007, our chapter will be celebrating its 3oth year. Start thinking now about how you would like to celebrate this event.

Please turn in your seasons mileage to Jean Bartholomew ASAP. Prizes will be awarded at Christmas party based on mileage. Are you the lucky winner of a new set of Dunlop tires?

Please also let President Haylett know what ride events you attended this year.

Gary Hubert attended the D-4 meeting and secured two dates for our club ride in the month of August. Details to come.

Tonight was election night and the results are as follows: I bet you cant guess who your new officers are........

President: Bill Haylet
VP : Gary Hubert
Treasurer: Mike Rickard
Sec : Dan Johnston

Executive Board members are:

Joe Gramaglia, Bert VanZile, Dominic Carine, Dick Rosche and Dick Meinhold

John Comstock is back in country and will be retiring soon;welcome back John!

Members in attendance at tonights meeting:

John Lombardo, Gary Hubert, Mike Nash, Jack Fechner, Joe and nettie Gramaglia, Dan Collins, ( Dan has reappeared and is STILL our Quartermaster----if you need some him!), Don and Joan Lanternier, Bert and Cathy VanZile, Terry Abram, Dom and Rena Carine, Jack Fell, George and Kara Kaufmann, Dan and Sue Johnston, Mary Morrison, Bill and Judy Haylett, Pat Buell, Anthony Delaney and Danny Williams.

Next Meeting

There will be NO general membership meeting in December. See you at the Christmas party.

The SPLIT CLUB was won by Tony Delaney for 38.00

Meeting concluded at 8:20PM


Minutes published May 9, 2005